Seidel & Associates is made up of a team of active leaders in their fields of practice. With a wealth of experience, we are focused and dedicated to the legal trends and laws. We continually educate ourselves and others on areas of the law in the pursuit of ideal solutions for our clients.

We provide a broad range of services including the following:

Planning For Your Estate

Today, with proper planning, estates can be settled in a very efficient and less expensive way. Proper planning can reduce or eliminate the time and expense of legal fees and court costs connected with probate. By simply setting up your bank accounts, investment portfolio’s, insurance, 401K, IRA and other property properly, you can avoid you can substantially reduce the “cost of dying”. You can also take care of your current and future needs, including the needs of your family and young children, without the necessity of creating complex and expensive “living” trusts or trusts created under a Will.

Estate Settlement

A carefully structured and planned estate can provide peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out and that loved ones are cared for. Seidel & Associates can assist you in efficiently transitioning your wealth and developing a plan that suits your desires. For beneficiaries, settling an estate can be a very complicated process that is not only time consuming, but also stressful. The complexities and numerous tasks involved with this process can be overwhelming. We strive to simplify the process for you, working with you each step of the way.

Our all-inclusive estate settlement services are designed to help fulfill your wishes, as well as offer your beneficiaries the guidance and support that is necessary during difficult times.

Trust Settlement

When your property is protected in a trust, it is legally bound to the terms and provisions of that trust. In other words, your loved ones will need to follow the terms of your trust before receiving or distributing any finances. Typically, no court involvement is necessary, and with our efficient trust settlement process, we are confident this process will be smooth.

Trustees cannot settle a trust immediately, and will be required to follow several legal regulations. There are a variety of options your loved one might have used, and we make sure each area is carefully covered. Every trust has different requirements and complex processes that we ensure are followed.


Probate’s purpose is to legally distribute property and avoid any abuse from creditors/relatives, it can lead to major headaches if not handled properly. We are consistently working with our clients to maximize efficiency and reach a solution in a timely manner.

In situations when there is no will for an estate, there must be a petition for probate. Seidel & Associates is prepared to help with a variety of probate concerns. Whether the property qualifies for simplified probate or is required to go through regular probate, we are prepared to be the partner you need.

Tax Returns

Taxes can be overwhelming, and the wealth of experience we have obtained over decades of work have prepared us for any situation you may encounter.